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Урок английского языка по теме “What makes a personality?”

Урок английского языка
по теме “What makes a personality?”

на базе учебника English VIII
Богородицкая, Хрусталева 8 класс

учитель Затолокина Мария Александровна

Используемые материалы:
Презентации PowerPoint

Тема урока: What makes a personality?

1) расширение и углубление знаний по теме Personality, Appearance, Character;
2) формирование и развитие навыков устной речи по заданной теме на коммуникативной основе;
3) воспитание положительных черт характера.
1) активизация лексики на уроке;
2) формирование способности учащихся самостоятельно управлять учебной деятельностью в конкретной учебной ситуации;
3) развитие навыков монологической и диалогической речи;
4) развитие навыков неподготовленной устной речи;
5) формирование практических навыков использования мультимедийных средств для подготовки к урокам.

The Plan of the Lesson

I. The theme of the lesson is What makes a personality”. Our aim is to create a perfect personality of your classmate. We will discuss different things creating a perfect personality at the same time. So…Let’s start.
II. Do you agree with the phrase : Personality is a set of qualities that make a person distinct from another?
III. What does the word “personality ” include?

IV. Let’s discuss appearance of your classmates. Some of you have done small projects. Let’s listen to them.

V. The heights of my classmates (Milena Zeveleva) (слайд 4)

VI. The weights of my classmates (Kate Sukhanova) (слайд 10)
VII. On your pieces of papers make some notes around the height and weight of your perfect personality.
VIII. We have read the text about genes. (слайд 16)

Before doing the next task answer the questions:
1.How many genes have we got?
2.Whom do we inherit our genes?
3.Can we have blue eyes if both our parents have brown eyes?

IX. Let’s listen to Xenia. She has done a small presentation about the colour of eyes of your classmates. (слайд 18)

X. On your pieces of papers make some notes around the colour of the eyes and hair of your perfect personality
XI. Character is the main component of the personality.
Let’s do some exercises dedicated to this theme. (слайд 24)

It’s believed that a face can tell much about a character.

People have for a long time held the (0) belief that the face
is in some way a reflection of (1) ___________. There is nothing
(2) ........... or mysterious about it: we all have different
physical (3) ___________ and therefore our
(4) ___________ is unique. How you feel about yourself also has
a direct influence on your facial (5) ____________. If, for example, you
have a lot of (6) self-______________, this will show in you face.
From ancient times, this (7) ______________ between particular
features and aspects of personality was made, and a systematic study of
the (8) _________________ developed and became known as physiognomy.
Physiognomy has proved that people’s faces (9) _________________ reflect
people’s characters. For those who don’t find the idea convincing, let us take
the example of (10) _________________ twins, who not only look alike but
also behave in a similar way. BELIEVE



IX Character descriptions.

Look at the adjectives in the boxes below. These can all be used to describe someone’s character and personality. Three adjectives in each box are positive, two are negative. Decide which are which and mark them + or – accordingly.

1 ...........................
suspicious 3 ...........................
2 ...........................
rude 4 ...........................

Next task is to describe the people. Look at the pictures and do the task (слайд 26)

Now it is time to choose the qualities of character for your perfect classmate.
Please write down just two traits of character you appreciate most of all.

X. Let’s discuss another quality of the personality-hobbies and habits.
Dima (слайд 28) and Lena (слайд 35 ) have done the presentation about your classmates.
After their presentation make up a hobby for your perfect classmate.

XI. Now some interesting facts around the theme.
We have read the text about the star signs. Answer my questions. You can see them in the slide. (слайд 42)
XII. Nikita has done a small project around this theme. Please , listen to him and find the most suitable star sign for your perfect personality. (слайд 43)

XIII. Let’s discuss your perfect personalities and make the one with some chosen traits.

XIV. We have worked hard. The lesson is over. Your marks…
XV. Your homework is to create a small presentation describing the perfect personality. If you have any problems contact me. I’ll repeat my e-mail:m391@ramler.ru

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