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Project «The Gender Relationships. The psychological aspects »

Student: Nikita Lvov, 11B form


1)    Introduction
2)    The Gender Relationships. The psychological aspects.
                 Experiment 1 Women and War
           Experiment 2 Women and generosity
           Experiment 3 Women and Future
3)    My experiments
                  Experiment 1
                  Experiment 2
                  Experiment 3
4)    Conclusion
5)    Sources of information


This theme has always been a great interest to the whole world. Psychology is a science that is used everywhere and this is why there are lots of debates concerning this theme.

Aims and goals:

To make research of psychological features of men and women
to find out whether men and women have an equal influence on each other or not

Ziele und Aufgaben:

Die Forschung der psychologischen Merkmale von Männern und Frauen zu machen,
um herauszufinden, ob Männer und Frauen einen gleichen Einfluss aufeinander haben oder nicht
Hypothesis: the influence of the sex on each other may not be equal.

Women are more subject to any outside influence
Frauen sind anfälliger für allen äußeren Einflüssen.

Research methods:
1)Serial publications analysis
2)Analysis   of the internet resources.


       1)Analyse der seriellen Veröffentlichung
       2)Analyse der Ressourcen des Internets.

«The Gender Relationships. »

It is well known that a number of historically important events happened because of the influence of one sex on the other (to take the Trojan War, for example).
It seems to be evident that both men and women have a great influence on each other.
But is it really so? Do the two sexes have an EQUAL influence on each other?
A number of universities all around the world carried out experiments to find the answer to this question.
The aim of my work is to compile some information concerning this theme and to present the sensational results of these experiments.

 Experiment 1) Women and War

Chang L., Lu H.J., Li H.

The Experiment: Chinese scientists decided to find out how the two sexes are connected with conflicts among people and war in particular. A number of experiments were carried out in order to analyze the reaction of students- 60 men and 51 women- to attractive individuals of the opposite sex.
Some men were shown the photos of women’s legs and some images of the Chinese flag (which was thought to arouse patriotic feelings). Then they were asked some questions about war and agriculture.
Women were simply shown photos of handsome men.

The Results: The images of pretty women (and their body parts) made the men more hawkish: they answered aggressively; women’s legs created association with war- they answered questions concerning war quicker.
Handsome men did not affect the women’s answers.

Experiment  2) Women and generosity

Iredale W., Van Vugt M., Dunbar R.I.M.

The Experiment: Scientists form Kent University decided to find out whether generosity can be used to attract the opposite sex. 90 students (both men and women among them) were to play a video game and to win the prize (24 pounds). The probationers played alone or were watched by a man or a woman.
After this students were asked to donate the prize for charity.

The Results: All the women contributed an equal part of the prize (38-41 %) in all circumstances.
The men contributed more- 57%- if they were watched by a woman and 28% if they played alone or if the spectator was male.

Experiment 3) Women and Future

Wilson M., Daly M.                                

The Experiment: Canadian scientists decided to find out how men and women can estimate future profits and when they prefer instantaneous benefits to bigger, but postponed ones.
96 males and 113 females were to decide whether they would like to get a smaller sum ($15) that day or a bigger sum ($70) in 200-236 days.
Then they were asked to estimate 10 photos of the opposite sex and 9 photos of different cars. Then they were asked what prize – a smaller one now or a bigger one later- they would like to get once again.

The Results: The more attractive were the photos of women, the more men changed their decision during the second inquiry (cars made them indifferent).
The opposite with women – photos of men did not affect their decision (but the images of cars made them less sagacious).

Die Wissenschaftler haben entschieden herauszufinden wie Maennner und Frauen die zukunftige Profite einschatzen koennen und wann sie sofortige Leistungen den groesseren aber aufgeschobenen bevorzugen. 96 Maenner und 113 Frauen sollten entscheiden ob sie die kleinere Summe(15$) an diesem Tag oder die groessere Summe($70) in 200-236 Tage bekommen moechten.
Dann sie wurden gefragt 10 Fotos von anderem Geschlecht and 9 Fotos von verschiedenen Autos einzuschaetzen. dann sie wurden gefragt welchen Gewinn - einen kleineren jetzt oder einen groesseren spaeter- sie moechten zu bekommen nochmal -die resultaten: je mehr attraktiv waren die fotos von Frauen waren , desto mehr haben die Maenner ihre e
Entscheidung waehrend der zweite Anfrage getauscht( die autos liess sie gleichgueltig)-Gegenteil mit den Frauen- die fotos von Maennern hatten keine Wirkung auf ihre Entscheidung
aber die Bilder von Autos liessen sie mehr scharfsinnig
die autos liessen sie gleichgueltig.

My experiments

The results of these experiments interested me a lot.

But unfortunately I did not have all necessary resources and was unable to carry out my own experiments. That is why I decided to watch my classmates’ everyday life in order to find my own proof that could be an addition to the conclusions of the above-mentioned scientists.
It appeared that there is a certain dependence of the behavior of my fellow-classmates on the presence or absence of the opposite sex.

Experiment 1. I watched behavior of my classmates during the P.E. lessons.
The Results:
Boys do P.E. exercises actively if they are watched by girls while girls seem not to care at all whether there is a spectator or not.

In order to make sure that proof to the above-mentioned can be found in everyday school life I decided to carry out my own experiment.

Experiment 2
 During the informatics lesson my class was divided into two groups: boys and girls. I asked my teacher to analyze the behavior of my fellow-classmates during the lessons and comment on the difference between their behavior during those lessons and usual one.
 The Results:
The results were predictable: the boys were quiet and even bored (because there was no one to «impress») while the behavior of the girls did not change at all (study is above all).

Experiment 3
 I also asked my classmates whether they would come to the school disco if there were no any girls or boys.
The Results
The results were no wonder: boys thought that there would be nothing to do without girls while the latter said that a disco without boys would be fun anyway.

I should also admit that boys very often forget about traffic lights while crossing a street if they are accompanied by girls (but the latter are always very careful).


It is difficult not to notice that men’s motivations are deeply influenced by women.
Everything we, men, do, we do in order to attract women’s attention.
Everything women do, they JUST DO IT.

Although all above-mentioned things are evident and the women’s influence on men is proved scientifically, women will never stop using their «power» and we, men, will continue swallowing this bait.

My hypothesis proved to be wrong as women are not influenced at all. Moreover, women’s influence on men is enormous.

I am sure that Adam would not have bitten the Apple if Eve would not have been close up. An attempt to show Eve how cool he was did not lead to a happy end.
As the saying goes: «The weaker sex is stronger than the stronger one due to the weakness of the stronger sex towards the weaker one».

Sources of information








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